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 Fresh Organic Grass-Fed Butter, Quark, Cheeses, Probiotic Yogurt, Yogurt Drinks and more 

Fresh Produce

Fresh Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Organic and Natural Groceries

Variety of pantry products such as: grains, dried fruits, oils, flours, coconut products, herbs, salts and more 


 Superfood, Body and Remedies products 

Jigsaw Health & Rosita

Jigsaw Health and Rosita supplements

Meat and Poultry

Organic beef, lamb, chicken and pork products 

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About Us

Our Mission

KimiKim Organics was founded to enable healthy and affordable living for everyone. We provide access to fresh organic produce in a mindful and sustainable way that respects the environment and supports local farmers and businesses. With a wide range of unique organic and Non GMO products, nothing can compare to it.  

What we Offer ?


Starting with Fresh Fruits and vegetables, to other organic and healthy products, including: flours, pastas, sauces, frozen produce, snacks, cookies, honey, nuts, dairy and a vast selection of Remedies and Superfood products, KimiKim Organics sure hasn't left anything out.

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11 Jodi St, Cheltenham, Melbourne, VIC 3192, AU

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