The Root Cause Protocol

What you see below is a work-in-progress version of The Root Cause Protocol, originally titled, “The Steps To Increase Ceruloplasmin.” Morley Robbins added each step over the course of several years while researching peer-reviewed scientific literature from around the world. 

We highly recommend to look for his revised and refined material at his new website,

Morley Robbins theory of Everything (in 2 mins)

Root Cause Protocol - STOPS

  1. STOP Taking Iron Supplements
  2. STOP Taking Vitamin D3 Supplements
  3. STOP Taking Calcium Supplements
  4. STOP Taking Zinc Supplements
  5. STOP Taking Molybdenum Supplements
  6. STOP Taking “Drugstore” Once-A-Day Multivitamins, Prenatals, etc.
  7. STOP Using Synthetic forms of Ascorbic Acid, Citrate, & Citric Acid
  8. STOP Using High Fructose Corn Syrup & Synthetic Sugars
  9. STOP Using Industrialized Omega-6 Oils (e.g. Soybean Oil, Canola Oil, etc.)
  10. STOP Using Fluoride (toothpaste, water, etc.)

Root Cause Protocol - STARTS


  1. START Taking Mineral Drops
  2. START Taking The "Adrenal Cocktail"
  3. START Taking Wholefood Vitamin C Complex
  4. START Taking Magnesium
  5. START Taking Cod Liver Oil
  6. START Taking Wholefood Vitamin E Complex
  7. START Eating Organic Wholefoods


  1. START Taking MTHR NATURE sources for B Vitamins, preferably all 3:
    • Bee Pollen
    • Stabilized Rice Bran
    • Beef Liver


  1. START Taking Silica / Diatomaceous Earth
  2. START Taking Boron Supplements
  3. START Taking Taurine Supplements
  4. START Taking Iodine Supplements
  5. START Donating Blood


  1. START Donating Blood
  2. START Getting More Sunlight
  3. START Clearing Food & Environmental Sensitivities
  4. START Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  5. START Limiting Blue Light Radiation Exposure

For more detailed information, we recommend visiting Morley Robbins main website, 

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